LUVMI Rover Assembly

The LUVMI rover is being assembled by a team of robotic engineers at Space Applications Services headquarters in Zaventem, Belgium.

The wiring of electric components is being done at the same time as the assembly of mechanical components, as well the testing of the active components (motors for the locomotion, steering, pan tilt unit, etc.).

The low level control software was prepared on breadboard setups ahead of the assembly, and is now being deployed on board the rover.

The LUVMI rover is expected to be ready for indoor locomotion tests by the end of October, and will then be equipped with its main payload: the volatile sample and analyser instrument developed by Open University, Technical Universisty of Munich and OHB.

The rover will also receive state of the art light field camera sensors for environmental perception, developed by Dynamic Imaging Analytics.

The fully integrated LUVMI setup will undergo a series of trials in Belgium and in the Netherlands, in representative outdoor environments. This is due to take place during November and December.

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