LUVMI at ESA's Lunar Exploration Industry Day

Members of the LUVMI team participated in ESA's Lunar Exploration Industry Days last week (18-19 Sept) at ESTEC. The event brought together people from space industry and academia to view and discuss the planned lunar exploration strategy of ESA, and its main elements.

Simeon Barber (The Open University) and Diego Urbina (Space Applications) both presented on the second day. During their talks they included LUVMI as an example of their involvement in exploration technology and activities.

‘Members of the LUVMI team in front of some of the planetary exploration related test equipment that was on show during the day’.

‘Diego, pictured here, presenting on various lunar exploration related projects, including LUVMI (top of projected slide)’

During the day there were also discussions on the HERACLES concept. LUVMI has been proposed as part of the mobility segment of the HERACLES program. Its aim is to conduct teleoperations (operation of a system or machine at a distance) of a rover on the Lunar surface, performed from the Deep Space Gateway (DSG). DSG is a station in Lunar orbit currently being investigated by the world's space agencies.

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